Getting Connected- Crowd Funding

as part of getting connected i tried to set up a kickstarter account to better understand the process and the possibilities that this site offers. i was surprised to learn that the site currently does not permit the isle of man as a crown dependency from running on its site


following this i looked at creating a brand/ logo for each of my sites so that if a client had used one and discovered another that they would instantly identify it as mine and may be more inclined to look through the site, having seen my other workPicture5

since my initial focus when getting connected was animation i chose to show a selection of my animated characters and pieces in the banner.  since my focus has now shifted to 2D art i will have to change my banner, and will do so when i have completed editing the into pieces for my YouTubePicture7


since Kickstarter does not work from the Isle Of Man i have opted to go for Etsy as the next viable and most appropriate site with which to sell my work whist i use Facebook to promote and link my pieces.  since setting up the facebook account i have learned that this is one of the best ways to link my YouTube account through my blog. this facility was not possible without having each of the sites set up and linked. this ment that though i had produced earlier animation pieces they were not available to view on my blog till now

Facebook has since trebled the number of people viewing my work and has helped my update my understanding of my audience.


Getting Connected-Facebook as a promotion tool


Tanya Anderson from lovely greens gave a talk on her own experiences

she highlighted that she had two site,

her own

and Face book

she pointed out that the Facebook site led many of her new clients to her site and updated her existing clients on new products that she had available.  she also pointed out the importance of the statistic of each site in following trends and being adaptable to keep her product relevant and salable.

this information has proved invaluable as following the statistics on my blog has highlighted the areas of my working practise that has produced the most interest.

it should allow me the opportunity to keep my work available and sellable.

Getting Connected- Emails

as part of getting connected we were asked to contact artists or creatives that had an interest in the same areas of production as we are interested in perusing ourselves.

i elected to focus on Animators as this is the main area i am interested in working in.


we discussed the importance not only getting connected. but the true value of staying connected. without which you can not hope to connect to or reach newer wide audiences. his emails was very positive and wished me every success.Picture11

Meathaus is a collective site, I am uncertain which of the collective i communicated with, they outlined the benefits of working in a collected and the fact you have the support and the intellect of the people in the group. the message did say that the one down side of the collective is that if one of the individuals in the group is not dedicated to the project theat they have the capacity to delay or even prevent the project from going ahead.Picture12

Chris McDonnell is a successful animator, whose site has a workshop option to support budding animators in the creation, generation and production of animation pieces.  the workshop also allows Chris the opportunity to give feedback and in some cases he has employed people based on the work they have present there


unsurprisingly Richard Williams did not respond

Getting Connected- Initial Links


  • my first point of contact to the wider world
  • as a first point, it proved the value of a uniformed and simple to use format
  • the menus vary from the construction stage
  • so was not aware that it is difficult to see all the menus
  • re editing has highlighted that some of the added blogs are not listed under the correct heading
  • editing this has proven and issue as the site itself has had problems
  • the new look contains a more generic logo which should be easy to identify with
  • I may in cure difficulties when i try to band this logo to the you tube channel banner
  • Capture pic


Creative Identity- Research/Developing


once I had decided to focus my project on an illustrated book of Manx myths i began to accumulate a collection of both primary research and secondary.  the primary consisted of illustration, line drawings of places and areas with connection to each of the poems.

in doing this i believe i have improved on the compositional elements of the illustrations.  making each more readable and understandable from the audience perspective.

without the research the illustrations would not have strong enough links to the actual areas, location and places that give some of the pieces their impact.


Creative Identity- photoshop Explored

  • taking earlier unsuccessful etched prints
  • scanned into Photoshop
  • manipulated to either highlight details
  • or enhanced colour
  • rose
  • the original background is too deep
  • the white lines could be more faint
  • if the cuts were deeper then the original design would show through stronger
  • but the outcome is still increasing will work on it more

Developing Production Skills-Constructing and developing characters

1980 s cousin paul peter nan and
Betty is based on my Nan Betty
1984 me nan hilda,terminus tavern
and Sally on her trendy sister Hilda
1990 aunty diane and racheal at matty christening
she was loud and always had an opinion
2010 nan grandad2
but a heart of gold
i would like the puppets to be less realistic so the audience focus on the words not the figure

downloadimages (1)images (2)imagesMaking-A-Marionettepunch_detailPUPPETS

perhaphs a little less sinister than this



I hope that in one or two of the filmed pieces we can convey a serious subject in a similar style and mannerisms to my Nan. she could be brash in talking about a subject not because she wanted to offend or upset but because she genuinely did not either know about it or how to discuss it. many subjects today are discussed and understood openly that an older generation may not be aware of. so when your next on the bus and a more senior person is “giving out” about a subject, consider this. they are basing their opinions on how they understand the world and what they are used to things being. be patient and try to be sympathetic as the more senior members do not all surf the web and do not understand fully

how you speak

gender identity

younger culture ie. drugs

as you grow you really learn one main lesson, which thankfully my Nan taught me, you never stop learning something new and sometimes shocking


i hope the characters make the audience aware, whilst they laugh