Zine-Reflection What I Did and Did Not Do?

following the system above combined with experimentation I have now completed both an online zine but also a red paper one re-linking the zine culturally to China. i then produced it in a wooden format based on original  Ancient Chinese books(tablets) found in the Buddhist caves excavated by Sir Marc Aurel Stein, KCIE, FRAS, FBA. I Have selected these cultural tie-ins I feel to add a new depth to the meaning of the zine and its links to Tibet and its complicated history and current situation with China.


What would i do differently?

in evaluating this project, i believe that after processing my ideas through ians Matrix, i should have streamlined my goals. instead i set myself a broad and very challenging set of targets.  in reflection on this and now understanding both the skill set required and the time relivancey to the project i belive i would have mandated that though i attempt several of them in theory. and use this process to refine my goals. which would allow me more time to direct my studies into new and different areas.

what have i achieved?

1 paper Zine

9 inked prints

1 protest poster

1 wooden Zine

4 etched prints

2 lino cut prints

6 paintings various subjects

2 instillation pieces ( one to be finalised and photographed)

approx 9 photographs 4 experimental series

experimentation with Enambling

experimentation in fimo and sculply character creation

a wire frame character for possible animation

1 animation (still to be coloured and sound added)

2 small illustration pieces


Other areas i could explore or explore more




all in all the project was challenging but if i am to use Ians Matrix again i will have to score each target to assess the potential and use the scoring system to highliight areas of progression.





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