Testing Filming and Out Door Photography

  • Self Directed testing both filming  and photography on various external locations
  • chosen location Port Erin-

Exploring and experimenting were the targets we set for ourselves today, we chose Port Erin as Jordan wanted to explore the ruins of the now abandoned out-door baths. we also elected as a group to hike up to Milner tower on Bradda head to take in the tower and the remains of the world war 2 pillar box.  while exploring the baths and the tower the group meshed well and experimented with filming. two of the scenes that were may be used in a vlog in the future. all in all the trip was a great success and brought the group together finding common ground in our appreciation of art, the setting and each other.  it was also reassuring to discover that some of my own nerves about the digital side of the course were shared with my fellow students.


it will  make us a stronger group as we learn and develop our skills and our outlook in each project.  the day trip has also allowed us to develope several ideas both individually and we have suggested several projects that we might develope individually and as a group.


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