Creative Thinking- Joy Explored with S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

joy-spider-diagram9624121we began with the brief that we would take an item relating to JOY and develop it through SCAMPER adapting, changing and assessing to see the potential outcomes that could be reached.




my selection was Yeames painting called When did you last see you father. this was the first painting I ever saw which evoked an emotional response and caused me realise that art was a true way to express myself.



Jordan chose Antony Gormley’s figures on a beach



Mikey chose a sombrero



Rachael chose a children’s book draw and created by her and her daughter



Zara chose a hand cranked music chime.

each of us then, substituted parts, adapted, combined, eliminated and reversed all or part and discussed different ways that the source piece could be manipulated or used to reach a new outcome.yeames-when-did-you-last-see-your-father

it could be as simple as repainting only a portion as i have done above, or removing a section of the original. it could be creating the scene in 3D allowing people to walk through. the exercise discussed how we might also assess the creation in both realistic and emotive reasoning to decided if it was the best way to express the desired outcome.

next to decide on an object or art for which relates to anger and grief. initially I have chosen a jade pig representative of chinese culture, and a thimble which was a gift from my deceased friend. the jade pig as both a physical piece and an icon of ancient chinese zodiac belief i feel is a good proponent for anger.  since the inception of this course i have been researching china in relation to Tibet and find myself becoming angry at China’s mistreatment of for the thimbell it is a perfect object to reflect grief as it is a poignant reminder of not only my friend but also my grandparents. now to see how they can be developed through the scamper process.




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