Creative- Generating Art from a Recipe Book

  • Take one recipe book
  • Convert ingredient into media
  • follow recipe to create new art pieces
  • we took recipes from old cook books and converted them into the media and styles we could use to create images sculptures and videos. The best outcomes I feel came when ignoring the usual media such as pen and paper and allowed ink and gravity into the mix this produced the first image below and the one two below it. the images were “painted” using the recipes ink and p.v.c. This was a fascinating task especially as  considering how to use it with regards to the subjects of Free Tibet creates a conundrum the middle image of a hand reaching through the bars can relate to the incarceration of Buddhist Monks, the redden bowl could be the blood and starvation that is now more prevalent in Tibet.  the spiral could be a reflection on the belief by Buddhist in reincarnation, the more exploratory images can be linked into the subject more hypothetically. they are expressions. the two are scenes very reminiscent of Han Dynasty imagery mixed with the idea of the storm of china hanging over the country side.

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