Review of contextual log books

Review of contextual log books

When we were discussing my log books and process it became apparent that the main direction was to re-evaluate each artist and there work from the contextual point of view. It is clear that understanding construction and method are already understood but being aware of some if not all of the contextual elements is the only to strength my understanding of artist process purpose and methodology.  In knowing this I might better be able to express my own process and show how each outcome was generated and why.

In considering artists that might better explore my interest Collette has suggested the work of Jeremy Deller as a possible point of exploration. In fact we have already viewed the piece where he sent hundreds of me dressed in period uniform across England portraying the embarkation of the troops in the First World War. In viewing the piece it is almost impossible not to be moved. Not only in contemplating the fate of the original men to whom this occurred but in my personal connection to the armed forces thought he various members of my family. In retrospect and considering this I can see how these connections have affected my work. We also looked at the influence of Tim Burton and Jim Henson in animation and how they have affected and influenced some of my pieces. Whilst discussing the German Expressionists we also speculated that I should look at Andre Gory and how the morose nature and humour occurred though out his pieces.


Moving on from this review it is possible to see a stronger line of enquiry for my work.  I will need to strengthen my understanding of the formulate elements of the piece and the construction methods involved. By doing this I will be able to refine my work and give it the elements that will both refine it and present it in the style I wish.



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