Getting Connected- Reflective Statement

Reflective Statement

When considering this module it is hard to summarise the extent of its reach.  The brief was to explore avenues and means of connecting ourselves and our work to the wider world. The initial point was the blog which presents the opportunity for us as creators to put some of our work, practices and processes out there for others to explore and relate to.  The initial number was slow but as connections develop it acts as a central point and as an opportunity for people to discover our work by accident.  By following the training programme within the site I was able to maximise the potential.   Combining this with various search options allow potential clients the opportunity to review and search the site with ease.  The one area that does need reinforcing is the main menu which has since had sub menus added to it to try to rectify this issue.

The next method was emailing other practitioners. Initially the response was varied, some supportive, some explanatory overall though they help to form a strong sense of the benefit of making, maintain such contacts.  This combined with the lectures reaffirmed this fact.  They also help to define which sites I would added to reinforce the blog I already had.

Following the completion of the intended YouTube, and Facebook pages the connections were made, each feeding into the other.  An Etsy account finalised the set… each drawing potential clients into the blog or Etsy accounts respectively.  From speaking to several artists it both wise and practical to have the sites branded so that a client will see instantly that the sites are related to the same source. Though followed the original idea and branded each the same. In viewing it’s possible to see that each site could also benefit from a individualising them to show the potential for different exploration. For instance the YouTube channel though branded with a banner relating to the blog which depicts some of my animation work, it does not relate directly to the puppets and there creation. Perhaps creating a banner depicting the puppets with the banner in a lower or upper corner will look more professional.

This level of manipulation though simple can help convert the site making them feel more professional and acceptable to a potential client and further research into other sites may help this further.  The project I have produced for the client as part o our creative identity brief would also benefit from this process.  By presenting the piece in a more business and professional manner may take the project more seriously and make any potential clients more inclined to choose this project over others they may be interested in.

This being auctioned even in part has increased the people viewing my work to treble in less than a week and shows the real benefit of casting such a broad net.  In returning to the brief I realised that time constraints may make the fuller alteration difficult but not impossible.  The best thing now to improve the likelihood of success will be to timetable the next few weeks tightly and keep to I. if I do not I will not be able to finalise each of the pieces prior to the exhibition.  By prioritising the pieces as well I may be able to achieve each of my targets.

The internet also allows constant two way communication with client allowing the project to move freely forward without the constraint of time delays caused by attempting to match schedules and arrange meetings. This medium of communication has speed up the creative processes and allows the client to view the projects creation allowing them, the opportunity of feeling in control and part of the creative process. A feeling that strengthens there inclination to continue, and be part of the outcome.

Without the various sites such as the Facebook page and the blog I may not have been able to achieve the goals set in the brief. Because of them the foundations have been laid for me promotion and generating new clients. As with other briefs constant referrals to existing sites and practice can only enforce and improve my own practice.  It has also help to show ways in which sites can be placed, layouts and presentation that can help make each relatable to a potential audience. For instance if your intended market is the youth of today, you would not use a protracted and formal introduction as it would cause the audience to look elsewhere rather than at your work. The sites need to be constantly manages and updated to keep the relevant and appropriate. Without research this may not be possible so maintain research into other sites in mandatory if my own sites are to remain approachable and applicable for potential clients.


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