zine- Milk Carton Propergander Installation


having nearly completed my zine, I have begun work on the installations and videos that will link to it. in this piece a clear perspecs light cover is also a missing child milk carton depicting the image of the Panchan Lama and the remark still missing. on two sides in english and two chinese. the brand of milk is panda milk, again denoting the link to China and its possible involvement in the child’s disappearance. i have still to do the final photo shoot

having reviewed this process i have re- cut the carton with more detail using a semi reflective white acrylic which when photographed without the candle produces a more realistic effect. whilst when photographing with the candel it creates a stronger “glow” giving the carton a surreal effect.


One thought on “zine- Milk Carton Propergander Installation

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