Zine-Confirming Subject and Research

  • Confirming that the subject is to be Free Tibet
  • Sourcing possible information
  • Chinese Ministry for Information
  • Free Tibet Website
  • Friend of Tibet Website
  • Foreign Office
  • 10 Downing Street
  • Dhali Lama Facebook/official siteresearch1logo


Having decided on a subject, the next step is to deliberate on the content and how to structure it. The narrative and content are required to be legally and factually due to the political nature, it is possible that it could be based around sentiment and personal belief however  this would detract from the validity that such a zine could have.  by ratifying and focusing the information about actual and real occurences rather than opinion and speculation will give the content of the zine a greater impact.  thought the purpose of the zine is its creation and how the final project can be reached it does not mean that it should not have an actual impact socially.  as was the intention of some of the earlier politically based zines.


the first instance with this is to assess both the current political situation with regards to Tibet, China and some of it western counterparts.  it must then be countered by historical fact and instances given of known

Tibetan building design

cases of human rights violations that are occurring now.  only by following this pattern is it possible to ascertain the most factual and less speculative outcome. though it is possible to remark on political policy based on press releases and news both of these must factor in the individuals who create them and the political situation with which they are relevant. one instance of this occurred in May 27th 2016 when asked to address a question with regards to the State visit by India’s president to China.  The  discussion is claimed to have related to many subjects with which the press release would not speculate. the only reference within it to Tibet, was the visiting of Nathu La pass by India’s pilgrims.  though this article should comment on many things the release made only  comment was on the control of the pilgrims.  this statement seems on the surface to address the question but on reflection, if Tibet is as speculated by China a self autonomous country why is it that China should regulate the movement of religious pilgrims to china on what is clearly a religious mater not a political one.  it can be appointed out at this time that relations with india have been steadily improving in commercial trade but when discussing religious differences and india involvement with sheltering the Dhali Lama, the situation becomes less transparent and more hostile. Is the press release diplomatically avoiding an answer or as is often the case deliberatly attempting to avoid answering the question given altogether? Having


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