You Tube- problems

some of the problems encountered and there sollutions were possible

  • due to time constraints slots have been booked for filming-if we over run we will not have long to re- film and edit
  • job set-mikey filming,zara puppeteer, availability is limited-cut off point for my project to assist with theres
  • equipment organised batteries charge may not last- choose site were batteries can be charged i.e campus for mine or terminus for Mikeys
  • banner done and set up-used- could be refined for future use
  • intro-completed lost in editing – if time allows we will film it again after Mikey project
  • locations agreed and approved- verbal agreed at each location
  • films loaded-verification of youtube channel cannot be done with a Manx mobile number-will attempt with land line
  • weather as always the bane of my life-

what to do

  • future reference book more days in advance
  • choose location were batteries could be charged
  • save all footage untill project finished42

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