Creative Identity- Research/Developing


once I had decided to focus my project on an illustrated book of Manx myths i began to accumulate a collection of both primary research and secondary.  the primary consisted of illustration, line drawings of places and areas with connection to each of the poems.

in doing this i believe i have improved on the compositional elements of the illustrations.  making each more readable and understandable from the audience perspective.

without the research the illustrations would not have strong enough links to the actual areas, location and places that give some of the pieces their impact.



Creative Identity- problems and reflections


when producing the final outcome for this brief I was struck by some of the issues that I have encountered.  firstly is best practice. when compiling both research and development of the piece i had two main ares. the first is my log book. the second a working folder with which to take to the client when updating them on the project. though this addressed the issue of presenting the work to the client in a clean professional manner and see the piece at every stage it would mean that future assessment may not have a clear progression through the production and development stages. to address this and to avoid it in future projects i think it would be best to generate the pieces in only one format and only create a separate presentation folder if required.

other issues this project raised where the grammatical errors that occur within my work. to address this for future projects and to help improve the presentation of my literal work. I will be needed to re read text again and apply spell check more often whether the piece is formal or informal.

during the project for this brief and the getting connected I often worked on both briefs and inadvertently mixed elements of the two.  this caused information that was valid in one, not to be available for the appropriate presentation. re reading the brief would have helped to clarify which brief required which elements, and would have addressed this issue.

Creative Identity- photoshop Explored

  • taking earlier unsuccessful etched prints
  • scanned into Photoshop
  • manipulated to either highlight details
  • or enhanced colour
  • rose
  • the original background is too deep
  • the white lines could be more faint
  • if the cuts were deeper then the original design would show through stronger
  • but the outcome is still increasing will work on it more