Creative Identity-Illustration- Understanding Narrative


  • single tone
  • pastel drawing
  • lacks subject mater to be an illustration
  • John Box, ” There must be nothing arbitrary about the BACKROUND. That must be the place where this person is at this time – and the audience must be convinced of its inevitability. The designer must not be self-indulgent, his background must never distract from the character in the foreground…” source unknown.
  • MOVEMENT, Umberto Boccioni, Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting, 1910, 435/6, : Everything moves, everything runs, everything turns swiftly. The figure in front of us is never still, but ceaselessly appears to and disappears. Owing to the persistence of images on the retina, objects in motion are multiplied and distorted, following one another like waves through space. Thus a galloping horse has not four legs: it has twenty, and their movements are triangular. ” from Goldwater, Artists on Art , Kegan Paul, Pantheon NY 1947


  • NARRATIVE ILLUSTRATION. John Vernon Lord. The main function of the narrative illustrator is to represent, interpret, and heighten the meaning of a selected passage of text (in a complementary way) by means of pictures, with the aim of contributing to the reader’s appreciation of the narrative.


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