Contextual-Reflective statement-London Essay

Reflective statement

Re- presentation12/12/2016

The initial content of my presentation when reviewed in hindsight was in some cases convoluted and though the pieces displayed were to maximise impact and allow the audience to be fully immersed within the subject matter, it has become apparent that there was too much. On the slide depicting some of the contextual and research pieces explored in London there were five pieces of work by both Caravaggio and Paul Nash. The premise for there being there was to allow the audience the opportunity to visual understand my interpretation of the impact of the setting and the parallels that I drew from both artist and why.  In discussing this and from the feedback that I have received it is easily understood that the presence of five images confused the issue and that if I had placed one of each selected for the strengths of the comparison that the audience would have more easily understood my narrative and it would have been more accurately interpreted.

The overall impression other than it being a little confusing on some of the slides was that the narrative and the slides matched well and by freely altering the slides rather than a petcha kutcha I had managed to keep my narrative and visual content in time.  This differs from earlier presentation when reliance on the petcha kutcha’s format has often meant that the speech and the slides were out of sync.

I was pleased to learn that the content of my oral presentation was well received and that I had conveyed my points well and with appropriate and relevant contextual narrative. Applying the accurate terminology that allowed my audience to more appropriately understand the context and the meaning.

There was one main area in which I felt the presentation was ill conceived. Since it was not a scripted piece and was instead guided by the headers I had placed on card for me to follow. The presentation become too long.  In some instances I touched apon the images and explained them well while others become over explained.  Though they covered the matter it left little time to reflect fully on the last few slides. Inconsideration  when produce my next presentation I should when rehearsing attempt to locate a test audience to generate a realistic atmosphere where I can assess the likelihood of my elaborating on the subject matter and by testing so adjust. The adaption of the content list or more accurately the restricting of the subject matter will allow me to better re direct the spoken narrative and keep to the set or mandated timeframe required for the presentation.

Having now better addressed the issue of time keeping and preventing the presentation slides from being overly complex, the last and most difficult issue to address is the fluidity of the narrative.  Because natural I tend to work across several areas at once divide my time appropriately to maximus the outcome potentials it is not a simple fact of stating intent. I could list the possible outcomes and so show which and what productions are currently being produced.  Perhaps a chart displaying the outcomes intended and the stage at which each of them is currently at would be a strong visual indicator for an audience of intention and possible outcome.  It may also be possible in doing this to have indicators on the chart to show which and what production method have been successful. If this was done as a flow chart it would be easier for the audience to interpret and understand.  During my next presentation this may be impactful way to express the volume and thought going into each project and at the same time the feedback from the audience could measure the success or failure of some of the intended project.  This in turn will allow me the opportunity to then re direct my studies and my focus to work towards finalising the more successful projects while then moving the weaker projects to the background.


In summation, an and all intended presentation should consider over convoluting my imagery, focusing my bullet points so that the presentation does not become too complex and to present factual information on a visual graph to allow faster and more easily understood meaning to the information I wish to present my audience with.  If these targets can be met my intended presentations should maximise their impact and strengthen their outcomes.  If this can be achieved I should then be able to convey any and all information I wish to its fullest.  I will have to assess the actuality of this in the future and will be able to do so by means of feedback from my tutors and my peers


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