Reflective Statement – Developing Production Skills


When commencing this presentation I was immediate struck by the surprising variation of production skills we had covered since the begining of the course, not only that the probabilities and possibilities that they might present us with.

Our initial tasks were to create a blog, and then to begin researching both zines and Youtube production.  Apprehensive about all three I decided to tackle each in turn allowing the development of each to e enforce each other.

Taking the issue of a blog I began looking at which programme presented me with the best medium to present my work. I have previously only worked on tumblr which though sufficient for a foundation year was limiting in the level of presentation that I wanted for this new challenge. After considering several blog sites I decided apron word press. Though it is not as flexible in adding video and gifs to their site its overall presentation possibilities were exciting and I knew that if I wished I could add videos by link.  Still apprehensive about all the processes in using the site I looked into ted talks and reviews and learned that the site itself as a more than adequate steps learning programme.  Following this I was able to quickly master the site and then link it to both my portfolio but also to my tumblr site creating scenery source material for prospective clients to consider and to allow me to access any reference material from previous projects that I might wish to re consider for use when generating or considering processes for producing new outcomes.

With my blog in place the next focus was the zine. After looking at the history of zines and their content I realised two avenues of exploration. The first being the most represented popular music promotion while the second was political or social activism. This seemed the more interesting of the two avenues. Having considered the area I began looking at different fields of social activism, considering animal welfare then human.  Through amnesty international I came across free Tibet. Realising that I was incensed by the situation and passionate about its resolution I began first of all sources from current sites on the matter and then by email to several international sites I began collating my information. I wanted it to be both relevant and factual while its content could fully and accurately inform. To ratify all my facts I chose to confirm each source from both the Tibetan and Chinese authorities’ point of view.

Initial structuring of the zone was done on word and developed through Indesign. This seemed the strongest way to manipulate both word and illustration.  Initial test pages were constructed in the fashion of photo journalist Dan Eldon, however proved that the volume of information and too many photographs made the pages appear to be more of a magazine article and lacked the distinction of characteristics that occurred in there earlier predecessors.  To address this I reused not only my initial research but also the primary research I was able to source from Tibet and from the V&A in London.   Simplify both the volume and content of the pages attempt to style the illustrations in a style akin to Sonham Yeshi, and so create a sound bite effect and holds the attention span of the intended audience more easily.  Less being truly more.

The images have been adapted by vector tracing my own illustrations so that the entire content is of my own production and so no external risk of playgerisum can and will occur.

Whilst these were in development tests have begun into filming interview and an animation.  The interviews are with several individuals who have travelled in the region and can give first hand accounts of there experience and so make the telling become more personal to those who hear and see them.  As part of this experiment it became apparent  that my current level of experience with the equipment though  functional could be improved to do this I have experimented with several short clips which I have attempted to edit and alter to enhance the level at which I work.

This concern is also shared in my animation. I have produced my initial character designs and developed them into 3d sculptures in both Fimo and Sculply.  Having generated them next is to experiment with the base material of the set. Through paper, card, foam moulding, print and finally clay. I have tried to match the creative style so as to unify the piece but will not know how successful I have been until initial filming has begun and a critical evaluation by me and my peers has taken place. At several stages I have used the critics to gage reaction and understanding of the project.

Time has been a concern however setting production targets each week has proven most effective to date.


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