Getting Connected- Emails

as part of getting connected we were asked to contact artists or creatives that had an interest in the same areas of production as we are interested in perusing ourselves.

i elected to focus on Animators as this is the main area i am interested in working in.


we discussed the importance not only getting connected. but the true value of staying connected. without which you can not hope to connect to or reach newer wide audiences. his emails was very positive and wished me every success.Picture11

Meathaus is a collective site, I am uncertain which of the collective i communicated with, they outlined the benefits of working in a collected and the fact you have the support and the intellect of the people in the group. the message did say that the one down side of the collective is that if one of the individuals in the group is not dedicated to the project theat they have the capacity to delay or even prevent the project from going ahead.Picture12

Chris McDonnell is a successful animator, whose site has a workshop option to support budding animators in the creation, generation and production of animation pieces.  the workshop also allows Chris the opportunity to give feedback and in some cases he has employed people based on the work they have present there


unsurprisingly Richard Williams did not respond


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