Getting Connected- Crowd Funding

as part of getting connected i tried to set up a kickstarter account to better understand the process and the possibilities that this site offers. i was surprised to learn that the site currently does not permit the isle of man as a crown dependency from running on its site


following this i looked at creating a brand/ logo for each of my sites so that if a client had used one and discovered another that they would instantly identify it as mine and may be more inclined to look through the site, having seen my other workPicture5

since my initial focus when getting connected was animation i chose to show a selection of my animated characters and pieces in the banner.  since my focus has now shifted to 2D art i will have to change my banner, and will do so when i have completed editing the into pieces for my YouTubePicture7


since Kickstarter does not work from the Isle Of Man i have opted to go for Etsy as the next viable and most appropriate site with which to sell my work whist i use Facebook to promote and link my pieces.  since setting up the facebook account i have learned that this is one of the best ways to link my YouTube account through my blog. this facility was not possible without having each of the sites set up and linked. this ment that though i had produced earlier animation pieces they were not available to view on my blog till now

Facebook has since trebled the number of people viewing my work and has helped my update my understanding of my audience.


Photography and filter Exploring a single Object-clockwork

Taking a single object I began photographing it focusing not on alteration of lights or position but in the effects it is possible to produce when putting the image through various filters found in the computers photo editing file.

the challenge with trying such varied photographs styles and filters is keeping a track. i have catalogued each and believe then in knowing each i may be able to process and develop my existing photographs in new ways which will enhance their presentation and strengthen them as an out come.  i firmly believe if i continue to explore the possibilities of using more traditional photography and developement exploration i will further enhance the outcome and the commercial viability of my work as a salable collection.

Getting Connected-Creating a new company

IMG_3805.JPGThe original purpose was to create an idea for a new art company based around both the course and the individuals on it. after much deliberation I come up withe the idea of D.A.N.C.E. digital art and creative enterprise. the acronym though a little inaccurate portrays the range of media and talent we as a group bring or present for our intended customers. the proposal is that below this logo will be a film or slide show of some of our work with links below it to our individual blogs, portfolios galleries. there will also be sub menus so that clients can search for samples of film work, animation, logo design, art .

once this proposal has been given to the rest of the team I home they will accept it so that I can develop it further.