Developing Production Skills-Balls Video Production

  • Exploring Video Skills
  • Developing Editing and image manipulation Skills
  • Outcome video implying Rageresearch-logo

ok did not think this would be a great exercise in creativity but i was wrong!!!

first take two balls and look at them generate by brainstorming  as many words as possible associated to and involving, keep it clean. then develop three outcomes, 2d, 3d,4d

number one-4D idea- based on anger film a person standing and shouting and pelt them with balls, then as the balls diminish the person curls up. play in revearse and the balls seem to eminate from the person, like an explosion of rage.

number two-3D idea-create a monkey whose eyes are actually made from the balls

number three-2D idea- create an image of two golfers arguing over two balls on the fairway



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