Creative Thinking

  • Using creative matrix to develop work
  • Testing  matrix using two word idea generation

by taking two source words and developing them though a creative matrix and not allowing you inhibitions to restrict you it is possible to create the most extraordinary variations.   having divided ourselves into two groups and following this system we were able to create four truly exploratory ideas. the only limits being the creative nature of the individuals in the groups.

in the first group was Jordan and Zara who took glasses and water treatment then developed it into an advert for SPECSAVERS this had both interesting and comical overtones. it could have been developed further but for time constraint. the group produced extremely well-defined and professional thumbnails .

the second group composed of Racheal, Mikey and myself  the groups chosen words were geisha and goat. as a starting point we created a narrative in a futurist world developed back story and characters with the future intention of generating it as a filmed piece.rather than developing the characters as we did we could have drawn thumb nails to better show the possible outcome which is a factor we must consider in future presentations.

the third group was Jordan, Rachael and Mikey who creates a parody of spiderman from the words peacock and skittles. though not draw out as well as earlier thumb nails it was a well conceived idea and one which followed the creative matrix well

the fourth and final group was myself, Zara and Ian who began with milliner and surgical; process.  in the end we created a fully scripted puppet show of two hats discussing the fates of their former owners this is the script

Harriet is sorry she didn’t want it to be like this

-Dr lance, only wanted to help, you need the surgery, he told you that

-Harriet did trust and love you, but it was all too much

-Dr lance said surgery could have saved us both

-I thought that arsenic in you tea would be the only kind way out of this

-arsenic is no picnic,your brain tumor must have been a real pain!





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