Zines- Propaganda, Protest or Promotion Material

  • Research Zine history
  • Research Zine structure
  • Decided focus Human Rights Violations/Propaganda
  • Research Tibet/China situation
  • Set styleresearch1logo
my drawing of Tibetan Monestry
Tibetan building design
Based on Tibetan wall design

having first been giving the brief,we began to research both the history and content of Zine’s. predominantly there has been three main contents. According to zine nation (www.zinenation.co.uk ) the original single sheet articles that could then be folded into a small magazine have in their origin political propaganda and individual protest and promotional information about an individual and or band (predominantly punk) .  This is not solely the case are there are instances especially in the current modern market of such zines being produced as an advertising gimmick and as a tool to express more open-minded views than main stream promotions. one of the most successful being the promotion of Dazed and confused which in part helped in the promotion and development of the Dazed digital TV station and the publication of Dazed, another Man and the more culturally focused Dazed and Confused Japan and Dazed and confused Korea.

having focused on the history, it then becomes apparent that the next stage is content with which to fill or generate a zine for. initial exploration was into animal welfare groups such as the World Wildlife Fund or International Animal Rescue. On reviewing the initial context, public support and availability of possible content, this subject far from being fringe or underground has become main stream and could be viewed as lacking substance and impact that other topics might. though Dazed and Confused proved the exception and helped to promote the digital channel it can not claim to be the sole source. as with the individuals and groups in the late 70’s the zine proves to be a source of information but can not be relied on as the sole sourch.  circulation and impact are difficult if not impossible to assess. the production of this in a digital format will and could allow the monitoring of the number of views which would help to show possible impact.  with the zine having the potential to reach a larger audience it is probably accurate to say that the content needs to relate to a larger audience. Animal welfare might cause a reaction . this is not to  say that many people do not care about the subject.  it is however relevant in a commercially aware and financially weakened market that we now find our selves in that difficult position of being more amenable towards subject matter of human welfare first.

having now discounted Animal welfare it becomes apparent that focusing on human welfare and violations of it may be the best target for my zine. in exploring this subject matter via such sites as www.amnesty.org, www.freetibet.org and www.burmacampaign.org.uk it can be concluded that the least publicised of these issues is the free Tibet campaign.

by then reviewing the position of  China and it violation of both human rights and the Geneva convention and comparing it to  Burma’s stance with such individuals as Aung San Suu Kyi  The current situation of China’s occupation and control of Tibet leads with a degree of certainty to the fact that the lack of information and the spreading of it is not down to lack of human concern but due to the mainstream policy of placating China due to commercial factors rather than addressing its crimes.  if China had been the aggressor against a nation which had oil reserves would the world pay more attention?. sadly this is a more realistic statement than hypothetical one.  many of the G8 nation’s lobbied for involvement in Kuwait and Iraq due to the supposed crimes of the ruling factions. but these nations have failed to lobby against china’s invasion and control of its most peaceful and gentile neighbour despite pleas for assistance from the Dhali Lama.

realisation of this fact has led me to decide to use my zine to address this issue.and that i can also run a Vlog and do several pieces across a spectrum of media to help raise awareness. as part of this i will be manning the foyer at the University college to speak to the students and faculty to see who and how many are aware of this subject.


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